Board games !

Sometimes when we play around the shop, things get competitive.

We decided to put our off cuts into play to create this custom Catan board, with 5 different hardwoods, laser engraved, and some felted pockets beneath the hexes.

Last minute I decided to add something to the back before we glued it all up, it seemed fitting.

Cork Dorks

Proprietary Felted Cork, laser engraved, hand stitched leather clasp.

Neil has been  struggling to keep up with technology for years, preferring a more analog lifestyle over the virtual world.  All that changed when he dove in head first with his 10 inch iPad pro for reviewing drawings on site.

Panicked that he might not resist the urge to use his tablet as a hammer on slow internet days, I fashioned a protective cover for it and tossed a logo on it just to see if we could.

We created a felted cork for the project, which yielded some really interesting possibilities, including being a great foil for laser engraving.  It’s firm, somewhat rigid, but with a pliability that allowed it to flow through a sewing machine for the final stitching.

It can’t compete on price to manufacture, but it sure makes up for it in style!